I'm Sorry (For You)

by 4by4

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released August 11, 2016

All production, mixing and mastering by 4by4.
Vocals on track 3 by Beamon (Additional vocals by 4by4).
Album art by Anubis.

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4by4 Croton On Hudson, New York

Makes Electronic music.
Enjoys eating, illicit substances, and eating illicit substances.

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Track Name: I Told You Before (Feat. Beamon)
[Beamon Verse]

Which room should I walk in,
Which village should I break,
Got a million missed calls,
On my phone from today,
2014 bitch I died in the spring,
Then I came back to life,
Blood stains on my tee,

Murder the flowers,
The water is purple,
They slaughter my people,
No thoughts on em,
Just all this awful shit,
I wanna bring to these motherfucking officers,
Back the fuck off of us,
I'm finna hop in the whip,
And then unleash this rage,
That be up in my body bitch,

I don't got nothing for you bitches; no words,
Skinny limbs bust when I walk,
Jack Skellington
Oh it feel like Christmas,
When the Beamon on a song
Oh I flow like water that be trapped inside my lungs,
They gone sell they soul to get that clout up to they name,
Bitch it's only one grey world; The Beamon is the rain
I'm gone wash em all away,
Then please just let me die,
Girl just break down then throw,
My ashes in the sky,
Young Metroid Prime beams slippin out my arms,
That's for every time the world just been rippin up my heart,
My soul just been dying there ain't nothing left inside
Yeah I just been chewing fruits and juicing while I drive,
I wake up crying while they fill us up with lies,
Tryna kill my brother; shoot a cop blood on his badge,
You could tell me everything,
But I don't fuck with that,
My veins throb water,
And pulsates hatred,
In my room dyin bitch,
I ain't out fakin,

I told y'all before,
Ain't what I want.

[4by4 Outro]

This world ends with me,
Not you; you're nothing,
This world ends with me,
Not you; you're worthless.